So, the goal is clear nowhere – to write an essay on philosophy. Yes, it is such that the unhappy teacher who dared to ask such a thing would read it with his mouth open, and after reading it with tears of amazement and delight in his eyes with a trembling hand, he would set off five.

How to write an essay for a scholarship?

What do we have? We have the goal that is a distant, but no less excellent assessment from this. The author, of course, has the Internet, and on the Internet of such essays – a carriage and a small cart. The question arises: why not download and download? We answer: but because the teacher can be so insidious that he uses programs such as “Anti-plagiarism” and I would not want to receive an unsatisfactory mark in the set-off because of such universal injustice. Of course, if your teacher is more than 70 years old and he carries hand-written lecture notes, then you can take a chance. But if the teacher is about 30, he carries with him a smartphone / netbook / e-book / laptop and is registered in social networks, then there’s no reason to risk it, he’s more expensive, although you can rely on his laziness. This option has its advantages: if those who downloaded the essays, as they were barbarians ignorant of the wisdom of the ages, will remain so, then you can learn something. But not a fact, I can’t promise, for the subjective factor and other crap.

How to write an essay fast: where to start?

Start with the title. It’s good if the topic is already set. You can immediately write it at the top of the leaf and calm down. If there is no topic, you can refine yourself. But the topic, in most cases, is given to us from above, for example, it can be found in the training manual, but for this you will have to find the training manual itself. When you complete this quest, you will have a theme. The subject can be both broad (“My Philosophy” – write what the soul desires), and narrow. The action plan here is this:

  • We find information about the desired philosopher / concept / system on the Internet.
  • We look at the found.
  • Choose the least suspicious source. A philosophical dictionary is also suitable. Or good, intelligently written books on the history of philosophy.
  • We study the selected.
  • In our own words we retell the meaning.

If you are a student of a non-philosophical direction, then this, in principle, is enough. In general, it’s great if all this is flavored with quotes from authoritative sources. In this case, it is possible that it will be difficult to find fault with the essay. And, of course, add your opinion.

A broad topic makes it possible to show our deep knowledge in the field of the history of philosophy. Do not trust your hearing, even if you have heard a surname, you should double-check its spelling, just in case. Many people ask: why is philosophy needed? Or more specifically: why do we (insert your specialty) study philosophy? We will not focus on the importance of those problems that have long been developed by philosophy. For an ordinary, average person, philosophy is, above all, an opportunity to expand their horizons. And, of course, if you want, this is a way to show off the original toast, remade from the parable. It would be cool if in an essay you would emphasize the importance of philosophy in your life.